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Gauteng steel roof trusses

A steel roof truss is basically a structure that includes one or multiple triangular units that include straight slender members with their ends connected via nodes.

In today’s Gauteng society, more and more focus is placed on safety, and this is why you need to have the most suitable steel roof truss types installed in the building.  Structural steel fabricators design and manufacture steel structures for all types of construction. Among these various types of steel structures, steel trusses are a great choice when it comes to building support for your roof.

Structural steel trusses are the metallic support mechanism, found underneath the roof to provide the support it needs. SSS Steel Structures use steel roof trusses for commercial and industrial projects.

If you are considering having a steel roof built, SSS Steel Structures should be your number one choice

Why Choose Structural Steel Trusses

SSS Steel structures have various benefits making them the number one choice among contractors. Using structural steel trusses for your roof increases its longevity as steel is a highly durable material. It lasts longer with a proper coating and is able to withstand high stress and pressure.

Steel is resistant to fire and various pests which, in many cases makes it a better option than wood. Steel trusses, eliminate termite issues to which timber is susceptible. Similarly, steel trusses when coated properly are almost fire proof.

Steel trusses are environmentally friendly as steel is 100% recyclable, and when fabricators manufacture steel structures, the material used is almost 90% recycled

Some Common types of Steel Trusses

Most roof trusses are easy to customise, but as there are many to choose from it all comes down to you and the building design. Work with a SSS Steel Structures and we will advise on the most suitable steel roof truss for your building in Gauteng. The design options and types of steel trusses are not limited to the ones mentioned below There are also saw-tooth, bowstring, warren, etc. The building type determines what steel trusses will be used