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Aircraft & helicopter hangars throughout Gauteng

In South Africa’s aviation sector, the need for aircraft storage facilities is on the rise. This increase is fueled by both individual enthusiasts and expanding corporate fleets.

At SSS Steel Structures in Pretoria North, Gauteng, we’re known for our top-notch hangars tailored to your exacting standards. Whether you’re a business owner or a private aviator, we’re the reliable team for securing your planes or helicopters.

We specialize in crafting steel hangars that not only meet but exceed your expectations while staying within your budget. Understanding the unique needs of aircraft owners, we can accommodate various sizes and types of planes and helicopters. From compact single-engine aircraft to slightly larger models, we design the ideal hangar solution to fit your space constraints.

Reach out to us today, and let’s discuss how we can help safeguard your valuable aerial assets.

NUMBER ONE CHOICE when it comes
to your next HANGAR!

Steel stands out as one of the most resilient man-made construction materials available. When it comes to your aircraft’s structure, our steel designs can confidently brave the harsh weather conditions typical of South Africa. Unlike traditional materials like wood, steel offers unmatched durability and resistance to fire. It remains steadfast, impervious to bending, warping, or rotting even under extreme circumstances.

Your investment in a hangar for your plane in Gauteng is significant. Therefore, leaving the quality to chance is not an option. Choose SSS Steel Structures for a reliable, enduring solution tailored to your needs.

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