sSs Steel Structures & Construction

Aircraft & helicopter hangars, Gauteng

The need for space to store aircraft in the aviation industry has increased in Gauteng as more and more individuals as well as companies add to their existing fleet. Business owners and private use individuals contact. SSS Steel Structures in Centurion when they need a home for their planes or helicopters because we are known for our high quality hangars. We build steel hangars within your prescribed budget. As the owner of an aircraft we understand your different needs and the dimensions required for various types of aircraft. Our structural steel hangars  accommodate any sizes of personal aeroplane or helicopter. We can design the perfect hanger for your space considerations, for small single engine planes or slightly larger.

If you are considering having an aircraft hanger built, SSS Steel Structures should be your number one choice

  • Steel is considered to be one of the strongest man-made construction materials on the market. The structure we build for your plane can easily withstand tough South African weather conditions. Unlike traditional materials such as wood, steel is virtually fire-proof and will not bend, warp or rot when subjected to extreme conditions. SSS Steel Structures design and construct helicopter hangars which are fabricated using only high-quality steel and the latest components. We will ensures customer satisfaction for your hangar project. We focus on durability and prolonged life, ensuring that the materials used to manufacture your building will give you many years of low maintenance service. The investment you make in a hangar for your plane in Gauteng is too important to leave quality to chance.
  • Building appearance is the concern of many airplane and helicopter owners. If you have something in mind, we can provide the look and design needed to satisfy your expectations. We provide a steel aircraft hangars that suit your space and budgetary needs. Get hold of SSS Steel Structures today to ensure the best home is constructed for your needs. Our structural steel and advanced design will guarantee you have the best aircraft hangar to store your personal aircraft or helicopter.