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Steel structures Wadeville, Germinston

We at SSS Structural Steel & Construction specialise in the manufacturing and installation of quality steel structures, taking on small to medium sized projects including Wadeville as a structural steel fabricator and erector. We guarantee outstanding workmanship, professional advice and service excellence at a competitive rates.

Located on the Wadeville is next to Wattles and is located in Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. There is a large abundance of steel frame buildings and we are part of the move towards steel buildings including churches, warehouses, work sheds and factories.

Located in Gauteng, this business boasts many years of steel building experience amongst its team.

Wadeville, Germinston steel roof trusses

A steel roof truss is a structure that includes one or many triangular units that comprise straight slender members with their ends connected via nodes. In today’s Germinston
industry, more and more focus is placed on safety, and this is why you need to have the most suitable steel roof truss types installed in the building.  SSS Steel Structures & Construction fabricate,  design and manufacture steel structures for all types of buildings. Among these various types of structures, steel trusses are the perfect choice when it comes to building support for your roof. Structural steel trusses are the metallic support mechanism, found beneath the roof to provide the support it needs. We use steel roof trusses or commercial and industrial projects.

Steel structure of a warehouse

Steel structure benefits in Wadville

Due to advancements in steel production in Gauteng, structural steel is possibly the most cost effective material available in the construction industry.

The versatility of structural steel means architects and designers can be creative because, unlike wood, steel used for building can be bent and shaped in many different ways.

Steel frame structures are very easy to install and setup. SSS Steel Structures & Construction can finish your warehouse, church, tool shed or roof trusses in a very reasonable time period in Wadeville.


SSS Steel Structures & Construction servicing Wadeville, Germinston

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