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Steel structures Springs

Steel has become the most go to material to use in new commercial construction in Springs, and there is a very good reason for this. Steel frame buildings have many advantages 

  • Steel structure buildings are sound investments, long lasting, adding capacity and capabilities to your company.Steel has become the most popular material to use in new building construction in Gauteng and around the country, and there is a reason for this Springs.
  • Our steel buildings can withstand the dramatic weather changes, Highveld thunder storms, rain and cold.  
  • They don’t succumb to the harsh elements, and won’t rot or fade like wooden structures.
  • Pests such as termites are not a problem for steel structures.  
  • Because these structures are so durable, far less maintenance and repairs are necessary.  
  • Steel frame structures are very easy to install and setup. SSS Steel Structures & Construction can install your building for you in a very short period of time.  
  • Our buildings add value to any property.  Adding a steel workshop or warehouse to your business will increase productivity and the value of your enterprise.  Steel buildings are not an eye sore and again, little maintenance is needed

Springs steel fabrication

When it comes to the steel fabrication and erecting steel buildings in Springs, structural steel is one of the most most durable construction materials used for a host of building frames, because of its versatility, affordability, strength, and availability.

Structural steel can be fabricated in our factory to make varying shapes, such as angles, columns, beams and roof trusses possible. Not only is it an affordable solution, it is also one of the most highly regarded materials in the industrial sector in Springs, and can enhance the overall strength and visual appeal of any project.

Springs in Gauteng aerial view
Steel structures at the start of constructing a church

Advantages of using steel structures in Springs

The versatility of structural steel means architects and designers can be creative because, unlike concrete and wood, steel used for building can be bent and shaped in numerous different ways.

Thanks to the advancements in steel production in South Africa, structural steel is usually the most cost effective material available in the construction industry.

Steel frame structures are very easy to install and setup. SSS Steel Structures & Construction can finish your roof trusses, church, tool shed etc in a very reasonable time frame.

SSS Steel Structures & Construction servicing Springs

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