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Steel structures, Soweto

SSS Steel Structures & Construction services do projects in Soweto, specialising in steel frame churches, hangars, steel work shops and factories.

Fast-track, efficient, on-budget, high-quality structural steel, design, fabrication and construction. With our in-house capabilities, we can offer numerous options to our customers to turn their visionary projects into reality. All of our steel projects are designed and manufactured to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Structural steel has a chemical composition comprising iron and various alloys, such as manganese and niobium, ensuring a strong and versatile construction material.

Steel fabrication Soweto

When it comes to the steel fabrication and erecting steel buildings in Soweto, structural steel is one of the most best construction materials that can be used for a host of frames, thanks to its versatility, affordability, strength, and availability.

Structural steel can be fabricated in our factory to make varying shapes, such as angles, columns, beams and roof trusses possible. Not only is it an affordable solution, it is also one of the most highly regarded materials in the industrial sector in Soweto, and can enhance the overall strength and visual appeal of any project.


Soweto skyline

Benefits of using steel structures in Soweto

Thanks to the advancements in steel production in South Africa, structural steel is usually the most cost effective material available in the construction industry.

The versatility of structural steel means architects and designers can be creative because, unlike concrete and wood, steel used for building can be bent and shaped in numerous different ways.

Steel frame structures are very easy to install and setup in Soweto. SSS Steel Structures & Construction can finish your warehouse, church, tool shed or roof trusses in a very reasonable time period. 

SSS Steel Structures & Construction should be your number one choice in Soweto

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